• Thu. Aug 18th, 2022


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Traveling Family TV is a Youtube Channel started by Vidhi and Saurabh to share their journey of traveling worldwide, gaining experiences , exploring cultures and then passing it on to the viewers through this Channel.

Saurabh , aged 41 has a successful real estate business and loves traveling. He after years of struggle, finally settled as a real estate Developer in Delhi, India.

Vidhi , aged 37 has been a good wife ,mother and then finally a business partner to Saurabh. Being a submissive personality even though she didn’t had her own career but she always supported her husband in his journey of hardwork to attain quality life for his family.

They finally realised that travel vlogging will ultimately suit both of their idea of traveling with a motive.  They were neighbours initially and finally destiny made them partners for life after 7 years of long courtship. They have two beautiful kids a son and a daughter .

Initially they all , travelled places and explored and this when they realised that even though vloggers are giving out information on their respective channels , still that part of family with kids traveling abroad is missing..

Saurabh was really keen on launching a Youtube Channel and with the same view they started vlogging with their USA trip in 2019 but could never got time to edit and publish the footage. During the lockdown Vidhi realised how badly they failed in launching the channel and decided that once the travel resumes internationally she will again start it..

Finally in 2020 she created the channel but once again didn’t got courage to vlog as being a simple person , she is far away from acting. Analysing through instareels , tiktok she couldn’t connect with this artifical world of non sensically fake glamour.

Finally , it was before their Singapore’s trip Saurabh literally pushed her out to vlog in Delhi markets so that she can come out of her self woven crust and be comfortable with vlogging.  With each passing day Saurabh’s guidance, his scoldings everything proved to be a confidence gainer for Vidhi. It is complete story of husband and wife building an empire together with intially wife being supportive and then husband being a mentor..

A cute and yet an inspiring tale of a family.

Traveling Family TV is a Youtube Channel started by Vidhi and Saurabh to share their journey of traveling worldwide