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Wah Taj is an interesting satirical black humour film about one man’s struggle against the establishment and the system set against the very picturesque and romantic Taj Mahal. The story revolves around the plot of the Taj mahal recreating its history in its own never before told humour.

A strange farmer donned in Maharashtrian attire TukaramRaosaheb Marathe (Shreyas Talpade) along with his wife Sunanda (Manjari Fadnis) and daughter Lakshmi (Sona Verma)comes riding on a tractor carrying his entire household stuff and enters the Eastern Gate of world’s wonder Taj Mahal in the high profile event of Taj Mahotsav. It comes as shock of the life to the nation when he reacts and claims that the Taj Mahal is actually his ancestral property.

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In the meanwhile the bizarre incident turns into a brawl, the news spreads like a wildfire as the media who is waiting to take an interview of VIP leader eavesdrop and start to capture the ongoing melodrama desperately as breaking news. This news reaches the Chief Minister and becomes a nationwide political frenzy.

Tukaram on the other hand challenges his claim in the court and with his arguments and substantial evidences proves in the majestic court of Agra that the land of the great symbol of love actually belongs to his ancestors and was snatched deliberately and forcibly by the emperor Shahjahan. He also convinces to some extent to the honourable court to accept his claim of Taj Mahal land ownership in his favour and the court passes stay order on Taj Mahal for 15-days that forces the government to close down the same for tourists on account of property dispute. Everything goes haywire in the country as Tukaram overpowers the government. This stuns the entire nation!

What happens of the deal? Does he really want Taj Mahal or is there some other vested interest in all his contrives?

Watch on 23rd September, 2016