• Thu. Aug 18th, 2022


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Meet Karina Sharma, an up and coming children’s book author. She is devoted to giving her readers simple and easy-to-read children’s stories that are also fun and engaging. As a clinical ABA therapist for children with autism, she has become a passionate advocate for those diagnosed with the disorder. She holds an M.S in Behavioral Psychology from Pepperdine University which is located in the USA.  This is her very first children’s book. She has previously written articles on psychology and development disorders for multiple internanewspapers .

The Clownfish illustrates the fun-filled day of four mischievous clownfish! Join the clownfish as they go to the movies, visit a haunted house, learn at school and unwind at home after a long day outside! Children will fall in love with their playful antics and their sweet and loving nature. An easy-to-remember rhyme scheme and brightly colored illustrations will delight parents and little readers alike. It’s perfect for toddlers learning how to read or teaching children how to recognize and label emotions. This book can be purchased on amazon.com by searching for The Clownfish by Karina Sharma.

Karina Sharma Author Comes Up With children’s book The Clownfish