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I Keval Kumar, Editor of Leo Media Publications, had the opportunity and privilege of meeting JAY PATEL a very popular astrologer in Gujarat and Maharashtra through my very old friend Mukesh Malhotra, Producer of AAKHRI SAUDA.

I got extremely overwhelmed with JAY PATEL at the very first meet when he exposed a lot of things only known to me. He astounded me with everything and I was left with no option but to express my desire to write on him as his predictions, solutions and blessings might be vastly constructive to the people from all walks of life irrespective of cast creed and religion.

Besides being a popular astrologer with expertise in Palmistry (Hastrekha), Vaastu, Kundali, Numerology, Gemology and Face reading and known for his exact true predictions since long and with all his predictions, he is also into Diamond business and his Head Office is located in Surat, Gujarat with branch office in Mumbai.

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JAY PATEL  is very much enthused to go into funding entire amount to any genuine, devoted and sincere filmmaker who could produce a film that conveys a positive message and which could be valuable and coupled with commercial facet in it.

JAY PATEL has spent many years in detailed research and study of astronomy , astrology, gemology and Vaastu and is specially known for his perfection in Gemology. The motto of JAY PATEL is” to help people as many as he can.” And also help one find a successful way of life and improve his/her relationships including business relations, career, best job, love relationship , resolving joint family problems and lots more.

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JAY PATEL has also worked for International Clients across the World and has mesmerized people there with his true predictions. And many people over across the seven seas have benefitted through his predictions and solutions.

We all at Leo Media Publications extend our hearty wishes to JAY PATEL  and all the best in his astrological profession and as a Diamond Merchant and may his solutions and predictions keep benefitting people not only in India but worldwide.

He can be connected on cell no 093761 55888 for any problem, advice.