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Hyder Kazmi, the well – known Bollywoodian actor – producer, has now produced a heart touching & controversial film JIHAAD that too at a time when every human being of India just hates even the very word Jihaad.

 JIHAAD is not just a film but a very impulsive passion of Hyder Kazmi, as he really wanted to make an out of the box albeit an extremely passionate nay a daringly different kind of film which can really, really pull the audience’s heart strings. Not only this his desire to make a such a film like JIHAAD which would not only prove to be a message oriented for Gen X but would also benifit & in aspire the youngsters of today and they in turn can think in the well intentioned interest & for the betterment of the society & our proud nation India. In fact he has made JIHAAD based on such an interesting & topical theme that whenever & wherever JIHAAD has been screened in the Global Film Festival circuit, the festival’s official Jury Members have not hesitated even for an iota of a second in bestowing   JIHAAD with the “Best Film Of The Year” award.

 In fact JIHAAD has bagged awards & accolades galore. So it will not be out of place to  make a mention of a few well – deserved nuggets at this juncture. So JIHAAD has bagged the following awards. “Best Actor” (Toronto Film Festival), “Best Actor” of India’s most prestigious Dada Saheb Phalke Award, “Best Actor” (Kolkatta Film Festival) et al.


 That apart Hyder Kazmi & JIHAAD have bagged the “Best Actor” & “Best Film” award respectively in Global Film Festival circuit’s like Los Angeles Film Festival, Pemborketapaare 2017, Royal Star Film Festival, Longland – Iceland (Achievers Award), Maverick Achievers Award 2017, Creations International Film Festival, Goa Film Festival (Appreciations Halide  both for Hyder Kazmi & his film JIHAAD),  Out Of Can Film Festival (Official Selection) etc.

 Last but not the least Hyder Kazmi seems really, really excited about JIHAAD as his long cherished dream seems to have reached its ultimate pinnacle of fulfilment stage. And for these he gives the entire credit to actors Mr.  Bharat, Manoj Kumar, Tragedy King Dilip Kumar & yesteryears actress Nimmi. A point to be noted here is that it was Manoj Kumar who was entirely responsible for bringing Hyder Kazmi to Bollywood, and gave him a break in his Serial.

 In fact he had one more dream and that was to act in a film with Dilip Kumar & Nimmi, but alas this particular dream of Hyder Kazmi will remain unfulfilled and the reasons are oblivious.

  But once again a point to be noted at this stage is that he had succeeded in getting the negative cutting of his released film Bobby, not to be confused with the Late Raj Kapoor’s film Bobby, at the hands of Dilip Kumar and not only these Hyder Kazmi had succeeded in receiving the Golden Camera Award 2017 from Nimmi Ji.

 In the last one decade Hyder Kazmi has produced & acted in scores of films  but the satisfaction he achieved in producing & acting in JIHAAD is unbelievable, unthinkable  & even unachievable. Because the subject of the movie is very controversial, In fact  Hyder Kazmi is really, really at a loss for words to describe his phenomenal feelings.

 Bollywood will definitely get a serious & accomplished actor in him after witnessing his effortless albeit flawless act in JIHAAD ala Naseeruddin  Shah, Late Farooq Shaikh , Late Om Puri, Irrfan Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Manoj Bajpai etc.

 And the most ardent desire of Hyder Kazmi is that the members of the 4th estate should view JIHAAD very carefully albeit very interestingly & very sensitively too. As without the proper & the adequate support of the media nothing is possible. Hence Hyder Kazmi is very keenly excited that the media should see the film first of all and express their fair & square verdict for JIHAAD. The Calender and first look of the movie JIHAD launched in Ayoddhya on 4thof December’2017.

 Incidentally speaking JIHAAD has been directed by Rakesh Parmar, and it stars the dashing & the debonair in lieu with the bold & the beautiful Alfeeya Shaikh and it’s par excellence media publicity campaign is being handled by none other than PRO Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala.

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