• Mon. Jul 15th, 2024


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The Global Fitness movement has slowly but successfully proliferated our nation and has revolutionized the way we looked at Wellness and Fitness as a part of our cohesive development! And, we at FitZup pledge to accelerate and felicitate this Fitness drive with a newer international perspective of Holistic living!

FitZup always pioneers to extend its support to promote a complete fitness initiative at every stage of a fit lifestyle. We salute and celebrate Health with no Gender bias. The core idea is to celebrate Fitness and break the core myth that Fitness is subjected to men.


Traditional Fitness is extremely gender biased and we at FitZup pledge to break that stigma and curate a cohesive healthy lifestyle module for a holistic Healthy living and natural wellness.

We are extremely pleased to announce the talented and stunning Tele-star Barkha Bisht Sengupta as our new entrant into the Celebrity Athlete’s league. She totally captures the essence of the idealistic working women who is motivated and spins-off towards her fitness goals and leads an optimistic revolution of healthy and determined working women. On this occasion, aesthetically Barkha states, “I want to inspire women all over the world. How am I going to do it? By first being an example to people around me. A woman with a fit physique isn’t just a hot body. It shows she’s a hard worker, she’s dedicated, she’s disciplined, patient and has passion. That’s my reason to stay fit. Women have always associated themselves with beauty and women will always be beautiful, but we can also be fitter, healthier and stronger. Women need to look at fitness not as a hobby or a seasonal fad but a commitment, a lifestyle. Because when you’re committed to something there are no excuses. I’m motivated to be a part of the FitZup celebrity athlete league of like-minded people, who look at fitness the way I do. This fitness revolution is just what women need. FITNESS: A LIFESTYLE WITH NO FINISH LINE!”

Mr. Neeraj Mishra Co-Founder FitZup punctuated, “At FitZup we inspire and simultaneously get inspired. We take inspiration from everybody, irrespective of what their story is. All our athletes have a story that back their fitness journey up, the unveiling of the stories of each Athlete will be done soon. I personally grew towards Fitness, it was a process, but now looking back I wouldn’t want to change a thing. My fitness journey was an inspirational one that also motivated others, and that’s exactly what I want my athletes to do. My goal is to generate awareness towards fitness in people all over the world, and sow the seed of fitness into them. We will create meal plans and workout programs for people to transform their bodies and continue to encourage the world. I DON’T STOP UNTIL IM DONE!”

Fitness in true sense is the ultimate race towards healthy goals. And, with great courage and determination of various health enthusiast and active fitness influencers, we can see this lifestyle revolution emerging stronger and growing beyond just fads and trends.