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The Music launch and First look launch of EK TERA SAATH was held on 16 Sept 2016 at JW MARRIOT with its entire cast and Crew and Guests Heten Tejwani, Mukesh Rishi and many others to add flavours..

EK TERA SAATH is directed by Debutant Director Arshad Siddhique who was a technician in Industry for atleast 20 years. Sound is given by BUTA SINGH and Produced bby Eyefaa Studio, Pradeep k Sharma & V.Nazareth

Songs are sung by Vetern Singers Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali khan, Sonu Nigam,kk , shahid mallya, aman trikha, bhomi trivedi & swati sharma

The Movie EK TERA SAATH introduces fresh cast with supporting actors Sharad malhotra , Deep Raaj Rana and many others

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Ek Tera Saath is slated to Release on Oct 14th 2016


Haunting stories are a myth or truth..Listening to ghost stories right from childhood makes us believe in their existence. Whoever  has experienced it, says its true and the ones who have not experienced any supernatural activity believe it is just a myth.This story is about paranormal activities happening around  us in our daily life which sometimes gets noticed and at times not.

Today when all the palaces of Rajputana  are modified into lavish heritage sites hotels ,Prince aditya pratap singh(SSHARAD MALHOTRA) chose to do other wise by not transforming Darbar Palace into a hotel. Aditya still feels like a ruler prince who interacts with his forefather’s soul in the palace. He falls in love with a gorgeous lady ‘kasturi’ in Simla and marries her making her ‘PRINCESS KASTURI’ .Life is not always a bed of roses. Princess Kasturi (HRITU DUDANI)dies in a fatal accident. But her soul still recides …inside the palace. The palace is now known as a HORROR PALACE due to the various paranormal activities associated with it. An old college friend of Aditya,sonali (MELANIE NAZARETH)learns about his wife’s unfortunate and tragic  death and tries to console him . Gradually, their friendship turns into a much stronger relationship which the possessive spirit doesn’t  permit. Sonali becomes the victim of various paranormal activities happening in the palace. She decides to stay by Aditya’s side forever. On the other hand, Suryakant Singh(DEEPRAJ RANA) a dashing police officer coincidently visits the palace. He is shocked to see the haunting activities in the palace and  escapes, but haunting mysteries persuades the officer to return back. In the midst of these spine-chilling events ,as the story unveils and the truth unleashes ,who is the chosen one is unimaginable to anyone living or dead.