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The bold romantic film ‘Ishq Junoon-The Heat Is On’ produced by the popular director Anil Sharma’s brother Anuj Sharma and directed by his brother Sanjay Sharma is slated for release on November 11, 2016all over the world. Akshay Rangshahi, who happens to be the son of the DSP Ashok Rangshahi of Indore ( M.P) is playing one of them two leads in the film along with an actor called Raj.Akshay is playing the role of a young man called Veer, who is not like any other young contemporary man but lives life on his own and leads a life of his in a world of his own. Raj is his childhood friend and both are ready to sacrifice each other’s life for the sake of one another. One day Akshay goes to Raj’s college and happens to watch Paakhi , played by Divya Singh in a programme  and instantly falls in love with her at the first sight but when later realizes that she is his friend ‘s girl friend, the story takes an altogether different turn.

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Akshay has a lot of romantic and sexy scenes in the film.When asked whether he had any aspersions about playing a sexy and bold role like that of Akshay in the film especially when he happens to be the son of the DSP of Indore, Akshay retorts, “If I do a similar thing in real life, I agree it will be totally wrong. Today several actors and actresses all over the country happen to be leaders of the nation, who have also played different kinds of roles on the screen as actors. Were they wrong”?

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Akshay Rangshahi concludes. “My role is very good in the film and it is for the first time that producer Anuj Sharmaji has given me a break and hence I have played the role. I seek an apology if anyone is hurt by my playing a bold role. After all, it is only a role in a film and since the film has been made well, I am one hundred per cent confident that the audiences will lap up my role and the film in a big way.” ———Sanjay Sharma Raj(P.R.O.)