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Bollywood Director PRIYANKA RAINA Debuts in Acting in South Indian Film Industry !‏


Jan 9, 2016

Bollywood Director Priyanka Raina debuts in Acting in South Indian Film Industry in Kannada Films – Cult Comedy Classic film #NoBall !
“Comedy sequence needs lots of Timing , and portraying a Comedy character needs lots of challenge” . Priyanka Raina says excitedly
Film will see Mixture of Bollywood Actors and south Actors under one roof.

Priyanka Raina Priyanka Raina (1)

No Ball is Cult classic Comedy & includes fresh cast with lots of Television Actors from Bollywood.  Main Villain is played by Virendra Mishra , and Lead Actor is Portrayed by South Actor Akash
#NoBall is Directed By Om Prakash Naik & Produced By Gopi Shastri.

Priyanka Raina (2)

Here with we wish journalist-director turned Actor Priyanka Raina all the Best.