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An imaginative and creative cine & lyric writer, Pooja M. Sarmalkar, has The Credit Of Writing The entire album songs JAI Mahadev.

Now a days why more and more new writers are introduced with their new idea, new stories and new scripts. They are now well respected and they are in well demand currently. Producers are not attracted by their names, but they are interested with newness of their subject and innovations of their scripts & lyrics.

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Upcoming cine writer Pooja M. Sarmalkar, is the writer of outstanding merits. She is capable of writing a complete and competent script, without the help of any other writer, when story, screenplay and dialogue are written by three different writers, it creates many problems and in the case of any fault, default or failure, everyone blames the other for it.

B.Com of Mumbai University, Pooja M. Sarmalkar, has been writing from her college days. Her flair for writing and creating off beat stories, was a craze.

Her favourite personalities are Madhumala, Madhuri Dixit And Siridevi. Her Coming & remarkable Albums and films are Sai Baba Album, Bhul Ke Duniya Ko, Marathi Film Sawat(Back Stage). She has hogh regards for Anna Kaka, Her Husband, Mother and Producer Rajeev Dutta.

This gifted writer with lot of guts can be contacted at: 9892378997 –