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Mumbai.Some young Boys were playing a football match in a playground near Maxus Mall in Bhayandar(West),Thane on July 25, 2016. It ensued in an argument and ended up in a fight but it was settled within no time. But on July 28, Deepa Mehta who had political affiliations reached the Bhyander Police Station with her boy Pratik Mehta and reported that Rishabh Sharma, Syed, Ramakant Mishra, Sarfaraz Khan, Arbaz Patel and Mridul Singh had beaten up her son Pratik to pulp and injured him very badly as a result of which he had to be admitted to Temba Hospital for treatment. The cops went in their mobile vans with nearly 9 Police officers to the house of the young boys immediately to arrest them but did not found them, meanwhile Rishabh’s father Jatin Bhuta took bail for all boys. Rishabh’s father Jatin Bhuta took Rishabh by flight to Ahmedabad. In turn Deepa complained to the cops that Rishabh had flown out for the country and the cops again went to Rishabh’s house for interrogation. When Rishabh was just 2 years old, he was adopted by Jatin Bhuta and today he is 18 year old. Actor Rishabh Sharma has acted in various serials like Ramayan, Mrs. Tendulkar,  Bajrangbali, Crime Patrol, Savdhaan India and movies like Aao Wish Karein with Aftab Shivdasani, Striker with Aditya Pancholi.
Actor Rishabh Sharma says, ”I was not even playing the football match. Infact I was just watching the match sitting outside the ground. When I saw them fighting I went to stop them and solve the issue. I am no where involved in this fight but still people are dragging my name into this.”

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Rishabh’s father Jatin Bhuta says, “The cops are handling the case on a one sided basis. When in the first place no one was injured on July 25, why were an FIR registered and the mobile van go to the houses of all the children in such large numbers to arrest them? What did the children do? Did they indulge in any major crime? Did they murder anyone? The cops and head of Bhyander Police Station Mr.Anil Kadam were not ready to give me and my lawyer even a copy of the medical report. The Timba hospital authorities tell us that they do not have any medical records too. We will now file a case against Deepa Mehta and the police officials in the court and demand justice. Deepa Mehta is threatening to the parents of all the children that she will defame each and every one of them. After all, who is Deepa Mehta that the cops are supporting her in such a way and the National Vice President of the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel party Kalpesh Parekh have written letters to the Home Minister as well as the Chief Minster to initiate action against Deepa Mehta and the cops in this matter.”

The Media Officer of the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Party Dilipbhai Patel said, “The Bhayandar police station always is in the habit of ignoring the ordinary folks and work under the orders of the rich as well as politically well connected people. Have the cops been appointed to work for them or are they only for the sake of protecting the common man? If action is not taken against Deepa Mehta, and a case filed against her, our party members will be forced to join hands with the common men and take out a morcha against the cops soon. Action should be initiated not only against Deepa Mehta but also the cops who at her behest went to the residences of the children to arrest them, so that the public will be sure that justice is ensured for all the common men.”

Sanjay Sharma Raj