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Writer- Producer Nishikant Jha’s Hindi venture “Aakhir Kab Tak?” is a film of social justice and a fight against dowry devils.The latest scenario of dowry-drama has been changed. Todays, not only the bride, but also the groom family members are being targeted. It is a very sensitive subject and this film advocating for social justice. This messageful film is being directed by Mithilesh Avinash. Model actor Manisha Singh and Vinay Rana are introducing pair of this movie. Ramsujan singh , vinod Mishra,aditya  mohan ,Pratibha Pandey, Mehnaz shroff are co-stars.

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It has meaningful lyrics by Roop, music by Jayant Aryan. Action by Heera Yadav, Choreography by Santosh Sarvadarshi & cinematography by D.K. Sharma. Ranu Pandey is item girl of this film. It’s a PNJ Films Presentation. Releasing on 14th October 2016 all over india Media Publicty By Publish Media-Akhlesh Singh